What should I do if the notebook power adapter is hot?

2018-12-05 06:13:18 Blog
Power adapter heating solutionPower adapter heat is unavoidable, but it can speed up its heat dissipation and prevent its temperature from rising.1. Select switch components with small voltage drop and low loss. The heat dissipation area should be as large as possible. The switching power supply above 100W should have a metal perforated casing or a cooling fan.2. Try to place the power adapter in a place with good ventilation and heat dissipation. Never put anything like a book on the power supply.3. When using the notebook in a high temperature environment, place the notebook power adapter in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation; do not place the power adapter near the heat dissipation air outlet of the notebook, otherwise the heat of the power adapter will not be dissipated. Go out and absorb some of the heat.

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