ASUS A41-K56 2200mAh 14.4V Notebook Battery

2019-03-14 03:58:22 Clifford

This ASUS A41-K56 Battery has a capacity of 2200mAh and a voltage of 14.4V. Suitable for ASUS A46CM K56CM S505CM Series. 100% compatible and 100% safe. 1-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee. 

ASUS A41-K56 2200mAh 14.4V Notebook Battery

ASUS A41-K56 battery

(product code: A41-K56) 

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    Product details:
  • Brand: ASUS A41-K56 Notebook batteries

  • Type: Li-ion battery

  • Voltage: 14.4V

  • Capacity: 2200mAh

  • SKU: ASU2903

Replace the following batteries:


Compatible with the following models:

ASUS A46 Ultrabook
ASUS A46C Series ASUS A46CA Series ASUS A46CM Series 
ASUS A56 Ultrabook 
ASUS A56C Series ASUS A56CA Series ASUS A56CM Series 
ASUS K46 Ultrabook 
ASUS K46C Series ASUS K46CA Series ASUS K46CM Series 
ASUS K56 Ultrabook 
ASUS K56C Series ASUS K56CA Series ASUS K56CM Series 
ASUS S40 Ultrabook 
ASUS S40C Series ASUS S40CA Series ASUS S40CM Series 
ASUS S405 Ultrabook 
ASUS S405C Series ASUS S405CA Series ASUS S405CM Series 
ASUS S46 Ultrabook 
ASUS S46C Series ASUS S46CA Series ASUS S46CM Series 
ASUS S505 Ultrabook 
ASUS S505C Series ASUS S505CA Series ASUS S505CM Series 
ASUS S56 Ultrabook 
ASUS S56C Series ASUS S56CA Series ASUS S56CM Series