7.5V 37Wh ASUS C21N1347 Battery Replace for ASUS X555 X555LA X555LD X555LN 2ICP4/63/134

2019-04-17 08:02:19 Clifford

Discount asus C21N1347 battery NZ as a replacement battery for asus. This Li-ion battery replace C21N1347 for ASUS X555 X555LA X555LD X555LN 2ICP4/63/134 meet or exceed the original battery specifications.


  • Asus C21N1347 battery Can Replace the Following Part Numbers:

  • C21N1347

  • Asus C21N1347 Replacement Battery Fits Models:

ASUS X555 X555LA X555LD X555LN 2ICP4/63/134

Laptop battery tips

Newly bought notebooks, the first three charges do not need to reach 12 hours

because the current laptop batteries have a management chip that can control the charging limit, when the battery is full, it will automatically cut off the charging function, thus protecting the battery life and avoiding overcharging.

It is not necessary to discharge completely before each charge

because this deep discharge will shorten the battery life. It is recommended to charge when the re

ASUS C21N1347 Battery

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