The laptop is always plugged in, is this okay?

2018-12-04 09:16:25

The laptop has been plugged in with a bad power supply and can cause damage to the computer. Because the notebook runs large software when it is connected to the external power supply, it will continue to be hot, which will damage the battery of the computer and reduce the battery life.Battery maintenance:1. When there is no external power supply, if the card in the PCMCIA slot is temporarily unavailable, it is recommended to remove the card to extend the battery life.2. Room temperature (20-30 degrees) is the most suitable working temperature for the battery. The operating environment with too high or too low temperature will reduce the battery life.3. When using the notebook in an environment that provides a stable power supply, it is not correct to remove the battery to extend the life of the battery. As far as ASUS notebooks are concerned, when the battery power is fully charged, the charging circuit in the battery is automatically turned off, so that overcharging does not occur.

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