Huawei mobile phone series

2018-12-05 04:00:03 Blog
Huawei series: Responsible for Huawei's mid-to-high-end, the highest-level mobile phone on behalf of Huawei's top-strength D-series Huawei. It has released D1D2, a very early product. It has been updated since Huawei ended the carrier era. Currently, this series has been Mate series bannedMate series, bug series, the actual level is now the highest level of the D series, the main business life, the screen high battery life, the birthplace of Huawei's new chip (9x0: 930, 950, 960), the same as the p series positioning business, focusing on Business optimization technology (optimization of high-speed rail data security, etc.), targeted group of middle-aged business people. (on the standard Samsung note series) released at the end of each year (fourth quarter)P series, the original second series, now also the second, and the Mate series status is not much difference, only the existence of the Mate series, the main business fashion, the main source of Huawei's new technology, if the mate series is the annual innovation of Huawei hardware Then, the p series is Huawei's annual innovation in software, and it will also improve cpu (9x5: 935, 955, estimated 965 is 960). Since p9, the biggest drawback of p series is that the low-hanging fingerprint-free pit has been filled. The main attack camera technology and innovative software technology attract young people, sideline business technology, improved inheritance mate series technology development new technology, focusing on young business people. Released at the beginning of each year (around April)G / Y / Mai Mang series: toxic series, positioning in the middle but the price is too low, the recent configuration is gradually more on the cpu still can not use the Kirin Department, a few products barely qualified other are spicy chicken. Target group middle-aged conservativesGlory direct: responsible for Huawei's mid-range generally one year, glory 678 this way, of course, there
Huawei cell phone

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