Third of rare Scotch whiskies tested found to be fake

2018-12-20 03:42:03 Clifford

More than a third of vintage Scotch whiskies tested at a specialist laboratory has been found to be fake, BBC Scotland has learned.

Twenty-one out of 55 bottles of rare Scotch were deemed to be outright fakes or whiskies not distilled in the year declared.

The tests were conducted at the East Kilbride-based Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC).

It used advanced radiocarbon dating techniques to reach its conclusions.

SUERC measured residual concentrations of a radioactive isotope of carbon present in the alcohol contained in each bottle in order to establish the ages of the whiskies.

The samples had been sent for analysis by whisky broker Rare Whisky 101 (RW101), which said it was responding to "growing concern surrounding the proliferation of fake whisky" in the secondary market.

The bottles had been selected at random from auctions, private collections and retailers.

Scotch whiskies

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