Wi-Fi routers have radiation, must sleep at night?

2018-12-24 07:03:12 Clifford

Of course, without the router, the side effects are really big!

For example, many people will lose sleep at night, can't get up in the morning, and have a dizzy head... This is because:

The signal is so good, so you are holding your mobile phone, can't sleep, and move less!

Well, Wi-Fi routers are innocent, because the radiation generated by Wi-Fi routers is "non-ionizing radiation" and the radiation dose is very low and almost negligible.

According to a recent World Health Organization survey, in public open areas (including hospitals), radio frequency exposures caused by base stations and wireless technologies are typically thousands of international standards.

There is currently no evidence that radio frequency signals generated by base stations are hazardous to health. Since the radio frequency signal of a wireless network (ie, Wi-Fi) is generally lower than that of a base station, contacting these signals is harmless to the body.

Similarly, the mobile phone brings non-ionizing radiation that is harmless to the human body.

Therefore, it is not necessary to turn off the router (and whether the mobile phone should be placed on the bed), mainly depending on when you are going to sleep, but also when you want to see.


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