Suitable for LENOVO PC9051 PC Power Supply

2019-01-11 06:19:35 Clifford

LENOVO PC9051 Power - LENOVO PC9051 Computer Power - This is a new PC9051 0A23157 AF150C00001 54Y8861 LENOVO PSU , 100-240V``47--63HZ +12 +5.08Vsb 12.5A 2A, 100% compatible with LENOVO PC9051 0A23157 AF150C00001 54Y8861 , one year warranty, 30 days refund. If you have any questions or suggestions about LENOVO PC9051 power supply, please contact us so that we can provide you with the most convenient service.

LENOVO PC9051 0A23157 AF150C00001 54Y8861 AC Power Adapter Charger

LENOVO PC9051 adapter
AC Input:100-240V``47--63HZ
DC Output: +12 +5.08Vsb 12.5A 2A

Adapter Part Numbers:
PS-2151-01 AF150C00000 PS-2151-01 PC9051 DPS-150QB A 54Y8861 36200081 36200223 
Adapter Fit Models:

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ES:LENOVO PC9051 AC adapter
NL:LENOVO PC9051 Laptop adapter
DE:LENOVO PC9051,power supply,LENOVO Poweredge PC9051 Hot Swap PSU

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