Clevo N350BAT-6 62Wh 11.1V battery

2019-05-02 04:30:44 Clifford

This Clevo N350BAT-6 Battery has a capacity of 62Wh and a voltage of 11.1V. Suitable for battery Clevo 6-87-N350S-4D7 3ICR19-65-2 Series. 100% compatible and 100% safe. 1-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee. 

Clevo N350BAT-6 62Wh 11.1V Notebook Battery

Clevo N350BAT-6 battery

    Product details:
  • Brand: Clevo N350BAT-6 Notebook batteries

  • Type: Li-ion battery

  • Voltage: 11.1V

  • Capacity: 62Wh

Replace the following batteries:

N350BAT-6 6-87-N350S-4D7

Compatible with the following models:

Clevo N350DW
Clevo N350DV
Schenker F516 Flex i5-6400T
Nexoc B519

N350BAT-6 battery

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