The benefits of large capacity batteries

2018-12-05 03:46:43 Blog

A large capacity laptop battery is provided, allowing you to use longer runtimes between charges.Battery capacity in ampere-hoursStandard capacity batteries are typically rated at approximately 4.4Ah, and our high-capacity batteries range from 6.6Ah to 8.8Ah. The actual size depends on the original manufacturer's original specifications.In order to increase the storage capacity, the physical size of the battery usually increases.E.g. If your standard battery is a 4.4Ah or 6 Cell model, the 8.8Ah version will contain 12 batteries.(Cell = each battery installed in the laptop battery, these batteries are very similar to the standard AA batteries we use in consumer devices.)In order to accommodate additional batteries, high-capacity batteries are larger and heavier.You need to consider these two factors when purchasing a high-capacity battery.If your baggage is only designed to accept standard batteries, laptops with high-capacity batteries may no longer be suitable for your laptop bag.Also, if you do a lot of travel (aircraft), you may want to consider the extra weight and its impact on carry-on baggage.

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