Myth of laptop battery

2018-11-30 02:42:37
Myth #1: Using a laptop while charging can shorten the battery life.Even your friendly neighbor IT staff will tell you one of the most popular myths. For a long time, this tag has been considered the culprit for computer batteries that have persisted for several years.Truth: Keeping the device plugged during heavy work will not damage the battery. What is it that hurts it? heat. Although you can say that plugging in the battery can heat the battery faster, it is actually a high workload that causes high temperatures. Overworked processors are the main reason why your device sometimes becomes unbearable.Myth #1: Wait for the laptop to run low before recharging.Again, this only applies to old battery technology. The latest laptops often use lithium-ion batteries, which work better than their predecessors.Truth: Take this as our first and only warning: If you never let them run out completely, the lithium battery will last longer. When you make this important mistake, the laptop may be confused by this extreme discharge and then display a false estimate of how long it will last. Now you know why your laptop battery indicator is very inaccurate.
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