Google Store removes Moshi Type-C charging/audio adapter that has never been sold

2018-12-05 05:24:08 Blog
We live in an era when we have to make many tough decisions. For example, with the popularity of the USB-C interface and the 3.5mm headphone jack being cut, users can only "charge the phone" and "listen to the song" Make a choice. Fortunately, we also have extensions from third-party vendors, such as Moshi, which has a $45 USB-C charging/audio adapter. Unfortunately, after six months of skipping the ticket and never fulfilling the sales promise, the Google Store finally removed Moshi's Type-C charging/audio adapter.Before the shelf was removed, the product had been "coming soon" for six months. If you ignore the higher price, it looks pretty good on the photo.If you have a device with a Type-C interface (such as a Pixel smartphone), you can use it to "charge/listen".Unfortunately, this USB-C expansion adapter has not arrived, and eventually it has not. In addition to the Google Store, the Moshi official store has never been sold.Although Amazon has had a shipment, the user's evaluation is cruel. Buyers have criticized the headphone jack for static electricity, rough workmanship, and often suffer from poor insertion recognition.Moshi finally decided to cut off this troublesome product line directly, and Google could only quietly delete the relevant product pages in its store with a painful face.

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