​Basic maintenance of desktop computers

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The first aspect starts with a central processing unit and a fan. The central processing unit is referred to as the CPU, and the central processing fan is referred to as the CPU fan. The CPU is the brain of the computer. All the program commands are issued by it. Besides, the CPU fan is used to cool the CPU. Understanding the above content is very helpful for everyone to maintain the computer, how can we maintain the CPU and the fan? It must be in the following two directions: The first direction is the CPU. Due to the special status of the CPU, we pay attention to cleaning the CPU socket frequently to ensure the normal operation of the CPU. Then someone will ask, cooling the CPU is the most important, is this correct? I said it was right, but only half right. The other half is the CPU fan in the other direction of my product, it is the tool to cool the CPU. To maintain this tool, you must pay attention to two: 1 to clean it, 2 must regularly lubricate the fan.The second aspect starts with the motherboard, which is the internal organs of the computer, and all other components are connected to it. How can I better maintain it? It must be from two directions: the first direction is to make it sanitary, in order to ensure the normal operation of the motherboard. The second direction is to pay attention to high voltage, do not damage it.The third aspect starts with memory. Memory is dirty on the computer, and all program commands are relayed by it. How can I better maintain it? It must be noted that a problem with the memory can cause the computer to fail to power on. First analyze the phenomenon that can not be turned on is the computer appears short call can not boot according to the above phenomenon to talk about a solution: the computer can not boot if there is a short call. The solution is to open the main box, unplug the memory, and plug it in again. If it is ok, the problem will be solved. If it is not good, the memory may be broken.The fourth aspect starts with
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