How to choose computer hardware?

2018-12-05 05:54:40 Blog
When selecting hardware, you need to consider the hardware performance, you can judge by observing the hardware parameters.1. CPU: Generally speaking, the performance of the CPU is determined by its architecture, level 1 cache, level 2 cache and level 3 cache. The better the architecture, the larger the cache and the better the CPU performance. At present, the CPU is multi-core and multi-threaded. The more cores, the stronger the multi-tasking capability, but this is not absolute, but also depends on its architecture. For example, some CPUs are quad cores, but it encapsulates two cores together to form two modules. This quad-core CPU is a pseudo quad core, which can only be regarded as a dual core. In general, the strengths and weaknesses that determine the performance of the CPU are ranked as follows: Architecture > Number of Cores > Frequency > Cache.There are two main types of CPUs: Intel's CPU and AMD's CPU. CPU with the same performance, Intel's CPU price is more expensive than AMD, but AMD's CPU power control is not as good as Intel's CPU. If you don't have a lot of budget at hand, it is recommended to choose AMD's CPU. If you have a good hand, it is recommended to choose Intel's CPU. In comparison, AMD's CPU is more cost effective.2. Motherboard: The factors that determine the quality of the motherboard are mainly the chipset, the number of power supply items, the expansion capability, and the workmanship. For the motherboard, the most important thing is stability, followed by expansion capability, and its stability is generally determined by the chipset, power supply and workmanship. Generally, the more power supply items, the better the workmanship, the better the stability of the motherboard, and the expansion capability. Refers to the expansion capabilities of its interface, such as whether it supports USB3.0, whether it supports overclocking, etc. Therefore, it c

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