What kind of computer is right for you?

2018-12-05 05:52:08 Blog
Before configuring the computer, think about what you are mainly doing with this computer. Generally speaking, there are the following types: playing games, home, office, and special professional fields (of course, enthusiasts are not in the scope of discussion). ). The performance of the computer depends mainly on the CPU and graphics card components, so you need to carefully select the CPU and graphics card.1) Household: If it is household, such as watching movies, surfing the Internet, etc., the configuration requirements will not be too high, choose an entry CPU and an entry card (of course, if you have a good hand, you can choose better. CPU and graphics card).2) Playing the game: If it is a general game, such as Warcraft, cross the FireWire, the mainstream entry CPU and entry-level graphics cards on the market (referring to the CPU and graphics cards produced after 2009) can cope; Is a game with more special effects, such as World of Warcraft, Musketeers love this large-scale online game, you need to choose a slightly better performance graphics card, it is best to choose a mid-end graphics card can handle; if you want to play some large Single-player games, the requirements for graphics cards are particularly high, and there are certain requirements for the CPU. It is recommended to choose a medium-end or high-end graphics card and a good CPU, otherwise it will be easy to happen when playing some games. Therefore, in general, if the main purpose is to play games, it is recommended to have a slightly better graphics card. If you have a good hand, you can consider choosing a CPU with good performance.3) Office: For office use, it is often necessary to switch between multi-tasking, so it is best to choose a CPU with multi-threading capability, so that you will feel a lot of computer fluency when you are in the office.4) Special professional field: If special fields are used in special fields, such as engineering drawing or graphic rendering, the performance requ
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