Computer accessories--by logic control chip components

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computerComputer accessories--by logic control chip componentsThese chipsets integrate the CPU, CACHE, I/O, and bus control 586 or more motherboards to the chipset. Intel's chipset for the 586 motherboard is: LX's early chipsets for Pentium 60 and 66MHz CPUs.NX Neptune, which supports Pentium 75 MHz or higher CPUs, was popular before the Intel 430 FX chipset was introduced and is now rare.FX has this chipset in both the 430 and 440 series, the former for the Pentium and the latter for the Pentium Pro. HX Intel 430 series for commercial microcomputers with high reliability requirements. The VX Intel 430 series is optimized and streamlined for general multimedia applications based on HX. There is a tendency to be replaced by TX. The latest chipset in the TX Intel 430 series, optimized for Pentium MMX technology. GX, KX Intel 450 series for Pentium Pro, GX for server design, KX for workstations and high performance desktop PCs. The MX Intel 430 series, the Pentium-class chipset for notebooks, see the Intel 430 MX Chipset. The non-Intel chipset includes: VT82C5xx series VIA company's 586 chipset.SiS series SiS company, which is famous in non-Intel chipset.The Opti series is produced by Opti and uses fewer motherboards.

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