Computer accessories--by function

2018-12-05 06:03:27 Blog
PnP function The motherboard with PnP BIOS and PnP operating system (such as Win95) can help users to automatically configure the host peripherals, so that the plug-and-play energy-saving (green) function generally has the Energy Star logo when booting. It can automatically enter the wait and sleep states when the user does not use the host, during which the power consumption of the CPU and various components is reduced.Jumperless motherboard This is a new type of motherboard that is a further improvement of the PnP motherboard. On this kind of motherboard, even the type of CPU, working voltage, etc. do not need to use the jumper switch, they are automatically recognized, just use the software to make a slight adjustment. The Remark CPU will be invisible on this motherboard. The motherboards before 486 generally do not have the above functions. The motherboards above 586 are equipped with PnP and energy-saving functions. Some original brand machines can also control the power on/off of the host through the motherboard to further enable intelligent on/off, which is compatible with the motherboard. It is still rare, but it is definitely a development direction in the future. The jumperless motherboard will be the other direction for the development of the motherboard.

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