Be sure to plant green plants next to the computer to prevent radiation?

2018-12-24 06:59:42 Clifford

Of course, if you don't let go, the desktop is too monotonous.

Note that this is nothing more than decoration, nothing to do with radiation.

Radiation can be roughly divided into two types, including "ionizing radiation" and "non-ionizing radiation". Usually, ionizing radiation is harmful, and non-ionizing radiation is harmless.

The computer has radiation, but it is "non-ionizing radiation" and it does not harm the body, so it is not necessary to prevent it.

Similarly, mobile phones are also non-ionizing radiation that is harmless to the human body.

The most common harmful radiation in life is X-rays, such as the hospital's X-ray filmmaker and CT with a small amount of ionizing radiation, but still within the controllable range.

Think about it, if the green plant is really so good, the hospital's radiology department and CT room may have been in a row and row.

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