Reasons why the data line is fragile

2019-07-13 03:07:15 Clifford

Frequent curling. After many people have used the data cable, they like to roll it up. In fact, this is not the case. Since the data cable is made of plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer, the long-term curl will be prone to breakage, thus shortening the data line. The service life.

Plugging and rude. Data line damage has a lot to do with our usage habits. After charging the phone, the charger is pulled directly next to the data cable. Since the interface is inherently sensitive, frequent pulling will break the data line interface. There are potential safety hazards such as leakage.

The material is inferior. After the original data cable is broken, many people choose to buy low-cost data lines on Taobao in order to save money. These data lines tend to have poor quality and short service life, and the use of low-cost data lines can damage the mobile phone. Internal structure.

Second, how to reduce the damage of the data line?

Plus a protective cover. The data line protection sleeve may not be used, but you must have heard it. The general protective cover is made of silicone material, but the outer casing is hard, which can make the data line not be squeezed, and it can also resist external damage, killing two birds with one stone.

Avoid getting close to the heat source. Most of the data lines on the market today are made of TPE material. The skin is gelatinous. When it is close to the heat source, it will be prone to breakage and melting. Therefore, the data cable must be kept away from the hot computer host, heater, mobile power supply, etc. .

Choose the official brand. When buying a new data line, be sure to buy it from the official. Don't buy a bad quality data line because it is cheap, so that the data line does not last long.

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