Apple is not rushing to catch the 5G "first bus"

2019-07-13 03:12:40 Clifford

Industry observation

Recently, some industry analysts predict that Apple will launch two 5G mobile phones in 2020. At present, Samsung's 5G mobile phone is already on sale. Huawei, Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers are also planning to launch 5G mobile phones in 2019. As a giant in the smart machine industry, why did Apple miss the 5G mobile phone battle in 2019?

Delay in patent disputes and lack of network support

2019 is considered to be the first year of 5G commercial use. The world's major operators have accelerated the pace of 5G deployment, and mobile phone manufacturers have also participated in the battle for the 5G smart phone market. Surprisingly, Apple, the industry giant, has not announced the release time of its 5G mobile phones. Some media and analysts said that the launch of Apple's 5G mobile phones will be in 2020. The author believes that Apple's postponement of the release of 5G mobile phones is mainly due to the following two reasons.

First, it was affected by the patent dispute with Qualcomm. The patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm began in November 2017 and settled in April 2019. It lasted for a long time and had a great impact on the cooperation between the two. It also directly affected Apple's use of Qualcomm chips.

The most important and core technical component of 5G mobile phones is 5G chips. Although Apple has also considered allowing Intel to provide 5G mobile phone chips, the performance and development progress of Intel mobile phone chips cannot meet Apple's needs. Therefore, Apple may Still have to continue the cooperation with Qualcomm, waiting for the launch of Qualcomm 5G mobile phone chip.

The second is to wait for the full maturity of the 5G network. Since the construction of 5G signal base stations requires a certain period, the current 5G networks in various countries are generally not mature, which limits the use of 5G mobile phones to a certain extent. Therefore, Apple may think that the launch of 5G mobile phones at this time lacks complete network support, and it is difficult for mobile phones. Give full play to its due function.

R&D killer application is a top priority

Innovation is the first vitality of an enterprise. Looking back at the development of Apple's mobile phone, it is not the first wave of communication technology revolution. It is not the first time for Apple's mobile phone. For example, the first generation of Apple phones can only support 2G networks, and 3G has already emerged.

The reason why Apple can become a leader in the field of smart phones is not fast, but its innovation core. For example, when smartphone makers collectively pursued a large screen, Apple developed a "accessibility" software that can slide the upper half of the screen down, so that Apple phones can provide users with no need to increase the screen. Good experience.

As far as the status quo is concerned, the difference in mobile phone functions between 5G and existing 4G networks is not very large. 5G is only several times faster than 4G in network speed. Therefore, the industry generally believes that 4G provides more network connectivity, while 5G provides a network platform.

In other words, the network used by mobile terminals is no longer just a pipe, but a high-speed platform. However, neither mobile phone manufacturers nor APP development


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