What should I do if my desktop computer cannot be turned on?

2018-12-05 05:48:55 Blog
The power is not turned on. After the external power is turned on, press the power button of the host, the power button light does not light, and all the lights on the front panel do not light.How to troubleshoot the problem that the desktop computer cannot be turned on:1. Check if the external power environment is normal and whether other electrical appliances are used normally.2. If the external power supply environment is normal, re-plug the host power cord or switch to the monitor's power cord test.3. Check if the power indicator on the back of the chassis is lit. If the power indicator on the back of the chassis does not illuminate, there is a problem with the power supply. Some models do not have a power indicator light behind them.4. If the power light on the back of the chassis is lit, check whether the optical drive can be ejected. After pressing the power button, there is a fan rotation inside the model. If possible, it is recommended to open the front panel of the chassis and press the power button inside the chassis to turn it on. If it can be turned on, it is a front panel problem. Conversely, it is usually necessary to replace the power supply and the motherboard.   Precautions:1) The problem of the power button on the front of the individual model will easily lead to the computer not being powered on, especially the old computer.2) The red power option on the back of the chassis is factory-selected to 230V by default. Please do not manually change to 115V, otherwise it will burn the power, no warranty.
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